The Summons

Have you ever been living your regular everyday life when something started to rise in you? It could have been a new perspective on something that seemed to change the landscape of your life; it could have been a big change in your physical reality; it could have simply been a feeling that something under the surface of awareness was moving and emerging.

The Summons

However it began, something unknown is opening up, asking for attention and perhaps even summoning us to something we can’t quite fathom.

I love language. When I hear a particular way to translate something, it broadens and opens my understanding richly. So, when I was taking Hebrew, I was fascinated to learn about what the scriptures said when God interacted with someone. “And God came to Moses” it would say. That word could also be translated as God happening to someone. Oh. Has God happened to you? This isn’t like God showing up at your door for tea looking like a being of some kind. This is a co-creation or an upwelling and unfolding. It is something that moves and shifts and arises. It is inside and encompassing and moving. Sometimes it summons you, grips you, opens you and transforms you.

Recently I was at a gathering where someone spoke about the root word for God and said it comes from ‘got’. It was described as the summoner something that evokes or draws something out. I have been relishing the phrase, “And the summons happened to/in me”. This phrasing feels dynamic, feels alive and real. In my experience, this language captures something true for me. Yes, I have been gripped, called, summoned and led. I have been invited, sent, opened and moved. I am opening, unfolding, transforming, becoming….and the whole Universe, the Life Force, the Energy, the God is in it with and through me. Amazing.

When I was in a particularly precarious place of being summoned out of where I was and into new life, I began to return to prayers that had felt old and rote to me in the past, but in my circumstance, they came alive, powerful and vital. One of these prayers from my tradition is the Lord’s Prayer or the Our Father. Suddenly it’s a prayer that took on new meaning for me and I prayed it over and over. Sometimes I used the old words with new meanings. Sometimes I said new words that fit my new understanding. “Give us this day our daily bread”. “Give me every resource I need to live Love in every way, to answer this rising call in me”. It was so incredible that I wrote a whole Lenten retreat to explore this prayer in the context of transformation and our endless becoming into the wholeness and love that are the only true reality.

This year I am re-offering this retreat for the Lenten season. Beginning on March 5th, participants will travel through Lent and stir up their own summons. I invite you to join me as we stir the waters, as we open ourselves to what’s calling us and what wants to rise, become and open through us.

Transforming the with the Lord’s Prayer is available now for $49.95. More information is available on my website.

What is rising in you? What calls for your attention? How is the Summoner happening in you?

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