Spiritual Direction

Our lives are always changing. We aren’t the same people we were when we woke up this morning and we are different again each moment as we learn and grow. Spiritual Direction is a process of deepening that calls our attention to our continual transformation and holds larger space for us to live into more life and more love. As we sit with one another, tending to the movements of your life, opportunities for increased awareness and healing arise. In my work I introduce clients to various spiritual practices and to an embodied deepening while witnessing and exploring your lived experience. Activities such as yoga, meditation, martial arts or communal worship can provide us a spiritual path, leading at the same time inward towards our authenticity and wisdom, and outwards towards compassion in our relationships and into connection with the mystery of the Beyond. Spiritual Direction is also a path into our own knowing and outwards into our relationships.

I first heard of Spiritual Direction when I was a full-time volunteer at a homeless shelter. The Director of the shelter was also a Spiritual Director and her leadership contained within it that presence of soul that really heard us and fostered our exploration into our own authentic belief and spirituality.

When I tell curious people that I am a Spiritual Director, they react a number of ways, but most of them don’t know what Direction is or what one might get from it. The name itself can be misleading as Direction is not really directive.

I have sought a Spiritual Director in the midst of making complicated decisions when I feel I’ve done all the work I can on my own. At those times I’ve found it very helpful to have a listening companion who can hear deeply those concerns and musings I carry and witness my journey in a way that respects my spiritual life and path. I have sought Direction at times when I had no special concern, but wanted to engage in preventative care of my soul and to explore my ordinary life in deeper dimension.

Spiritual Direction is similar to, but is not counseling or therapy. The format of counseling and Direction can be similar, but Direction treats our lived experience as a beautifully human journey that naturally contains joy, difficulty, transition, grief and healing. Similar to the midwifery model for childbirth or the hospice model for dying, Spiritual Direction is a wholistic approach to increasing awareness and deepening our lived experience.

I offer Direction to individuals, couples and groups.  To begin individual work, please contact me for a free discernment session where we can get a sense of fit, and explore together the frequency and commitment that would be most supportive for you.  Sessions last approximately one hour.  If you are interested in forming or joining a Spiritual Direction group, please contact me to explore the best way to move forward.