Practicing Gratitude

This has felt like a long week.  I am tired.  I feel as though I could look back and sigh and simply walk to my bed and sleep.  I feel as if I’m half asleep already.  So I look back instead and re-focus my weary eyes on the week.  I was able to join several other Spiritual Directors and friends from my graduate program for a retreat on Saturday.

2015-07-31 18.19.29It felt good to be surrounded by “my people”.  I experienced inspiration and connection that was sustaining and life giving.  I had enough voice the next day teach my Spirit Play children and  to lead a webinar for facilitators of Lutheran Volunteer Corps who are bringing spirituality programming to intentional communities across the country.  I am grateful I could speak.  I am grateful that I am able to offer this guidance on a small scale in my classroom and a national level to an organization that has been so important in my own journey.

I am grateful that I could spend 3 days this week teaching with the Center for Congregational Spirituality.  Again, my voice held and I had the chance to guide and be in relationship with clergy and other Spiritual Directors trying to bring group spiritual direction into congregational life.  I am grateful that mid week I was able to join a friend in listening to a spiritual teacher inspire and remind us to be our truest, best, most loving self in the world.  Yesterday I was grateful for professional guidance from others as I contemplated finances and my daughter’s cavities.  Today I am grateful that I had time to cuddle my children, time to do a few little projects around the house and grateful that I got to lead a beautiful group experience.

Mostly though, this week, I am grateful for love.  I am grateful that each day I feel love, I know love and I find it in myself to give love.  This is what makes my tired self, here at the end of the day and the end of the week sigh with a smile on my face and a serene trust in my heart.  Things may be intense in this time of transition and transformation.  They may sometimes feel like every cell is being rearranged painfully, but there is life…there is Life through it all and I am lucky and miraculously blessed to be living it.

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