My Journey

I was raised in a Lutheran (ELCA) church where my family was very active. From a very young age I was thirsty for a relationship with the Divine and felt as if the resources of my congregation weren’t quite enough for me.

I attended St. Olaf College where I found myself very much at home as a Religious Studies major and added Greek and Hebrew to my classes for good measure. Here was the Sunday school class I always wanted, but never had in my church.

After college I joined the Lutheran Volunteer Corps and lived in community in Washington state while working in a homeless shelter. There I integrated much of my studies with the pain and joy of living. I had planned to go to seminary after that year, but became disillusioned with the institutional church and instead finished up my service and went on a stumbling journey to try to find my way.

Along the way: I discovered that the core of who I am is about hospitality; worked on a farm and at several non-profit organizations; companioned my partner through his cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery; found work I loved, and found the Masters of Arts in Theology and the Spiritual Direction Certificate program at the St. Catherine University. I completed my certification in Spiritual Direction my Master of Arts degree in Theology in 2012.

I am currently involved in the Twin Cities Friends Meeting (Quaker) and Unity Church Unitarian in St. Paul, MN where I live.

I also spend time gardening, reading, caring for my children, cooking and offering and receiving hospitality in many places and variations.