Lenten Devotional Series: Transforming with the Lord’s Prayer

Transforming with the Lord’s Prayer, a Lenten Devotional Series

WHAT: The most powerful image of transformation in Christianity is the cross.  Not only symbolizing the particular death of Jesus and the doorway to his resurrection, it is also a metaphor for the spiritual journey.  As we follow the path of Jesus, we become aware of the process of death and rebirth in our own lives as we strive to be in ever more connected relationship with the Source of All.  I am offering a devotional series throughout Lent to deeply explore the process of transformation as it runs through Lenten and Easter rituals and the words of the Lord’s Prayer.  This prayer, viewed through the lens of the spiritual journey, is beautifully deep and rich with meaning.  As I have sat with it over a lifetime, and more intensely the past two years, I find an ever unfolding wisdom for my journey into the realization of the kin(g)dom of God.

I invite you to join me in exploration and reflection to engage the journey through death and resurrection that brings us into greater alignment with the Ultimate Reality of life.

WHEN: The devotional series has begun and will and go through Monday April 15th encompassing Lent, Holy Week and Easter.  Join us for the remainder of the season.  You will receive a daily e-mail reflection to lead you on your Lenten journey.

WHY:  The teachings of Jesus are wise, profound and relevant.  A spiritual teacher completely aligned with God, the words, lessons and prayers of Jesus can bring us deeper into our own alignment with Life.  Explored through the lens of our own spiritual awakening and transformation, we can be opened anew to experiencing the truly living presence of Love.  My prayer is through our exploration of the Lord’s Prayer and the symbolic rituals leading to Easter that you are able to

  • recognize and lean into your own cycles of spiritual transformation
  • gain a fresh understanding of the Christian journey
  • open to the deeper meaning present in the Lord’s Prayer
  • come into deeper relationship with Jesus

HOW:  Sign up by clicking the button at the top or bottom of this page.  The cost of this devotional series is $49.  Travel through the invitation to transformation into a greater understanding of the spiritual journey, the heart of Jesus and the very Heart of God.