How to Sit in the Dark

A Solstice Retreat in Daily Life.

The cost for this retreat  includes:

  • 4 One hour live calls
  • Daily e-mail reflections between November 30th and December 21
  • Energetic support for your own playful and creative engagement with darkness throughout the entire retreat.

The darkness is a shapeshifter, a trickster, an opening.  Sometimes the last thing we want to do is sit in a place where we don’t know what’s next and where we can’t see what’s coming.  Sometimes we are so safe, content and held in the dark that it dissolves us into a belonging that has no words or language to explain it; we never want to leave.  Sometimes the dark is mysterious, dazzling and gorgeous and we find what is hiding in that space of gestation and void is nothing short of the whole Universe, terrifying and spectacular in us and surrounding us.

In spaces of darkness our regular ways of sensing are unavailable to us.  We cannot see what’s next.  We may grope around to get a feel for the shape of this space.  Our senses may make up wild possibilities as we fill in where our vision fails us.  Time changes as the moment we are in expands and disappears in ways that mirror the malleability of the solid emptiness of darkness.  What is the invitation here?  In this space we can create and play.  In this space we can wonder and dream.  In this space we can open our hearts to revelation and deeper truth.  Together we will hold the mystery of potential and possibility.  This space is a resting point- a place of transformation and change.  In this solstice season of physical dark, we will play with how we would like to sit in the dark.  We will practice sitting together in this very real  sometimes confusing, sometimes delightfully magnificent place.  In it we may find comfort, companionship, miracles and beauty.

This retreat begins on Thursday November 30th, 2017 at 7:30pm CST with a live streaming call where we will begin our play with and exploration of the physical, emotional or spiritual dark that is surrounding us in this time.  Each subsequent Thursday through winter solstice, December 21st, we will gather together on the call to be in community, to reflect, play, and share the treasures of our experience.  Each day between November 30th and December 21st you will receive a daily e-mail reflection around the themes of Gentling the Darkness, Noticing in the Darkness, and Resting into the Dark.  Calls will also be recorded to be listened to or re-listened to on your own time.

Come sit in the dark so we can see the stars together.  Come sit in the dark so we can play with the mystery.  Come sit in the dark to share companionship and presence.

Sign up now for $195.  Upon receiving your payment, I will send you complete details for the weekly calls and the daily reflections.  I hope you join me!