Dearly Beloved Always

I am reeling with delighted depth.

I had coffee with God recently.  The beloved was dressed up in the skin of a regular human being, but my goodness was it beautiful.  I am not sure why, but with some people it is just so obvious that the Divine is peeking out of them in all kinds of ways, winking, receiving and saturated with suchness.  When I am especially dizzy with kisses from the Universe, I have no trouble seeing it in everything, that luminescent glow of aliveness.  Did I say how beautiful, how gorgeously stunning it is to see people, living things, everything like that?

I was recently at a retreat with Adyashanti and he was talking about the concept of already and not yet.  He said the mystics and masters can all see that we are in full belonging with the Universe at all times, that our awakening and our worth are done deals, are already in their fullness.  He spoke about the common feeling we have that in our experience we still feel like we are separate, seeking and on some journey with a destination that is somehow other than where we are in this moment.  How can these both be true?  Being and becoming.  He used a lovely metaphor of a baby as a fully human being that is doing a lot of becoming in its lifetime.  This is one of those life paradoxes; the infinite stillness at the heart of everything that is also constantly changing at the same time.

When you encounter God, it alters your vision.  Being meeting Being sparks becoming in all directions.  Suddenly the separation is temporarily dissolved, the seeking is stilled and the journey is an expansive now with no words.  I can’t hold on to it, but can I dance it through my body?  I can’t stop life from moving along or stop myself returning to old familiar patterns, but can I decorate and embellish my way of being, allow myself to be altered; to become an alter?

I had dinner with God once in San Diego.  I swear I could see the whole universe twinkling in the eyes of the beloved sitting across from me.  What a relief to spot that Life again so plainly, so deeply.  I could remember everything I’ve ever known about love in the arms of the Divine.  I forget so easily.

So today I am remembering my belonging and the gift of the whole Universe showing up as a regular person.  I am remembering that no matter where I am Love is already a done deal.  I am remembering that any fear I have, any pain I feel, any story of separation that is moving through me is only a perceptual issue.  I call upon compassion for myself to be limited in vision and remember that once in a while I get to experience a more expansive view that shows me what’s real.

This is the essence of the burning bush– the luminescent aliveness living in me, in you, in all beings.  Can you see it?  Have you caught a glimpse?  Can we remember it, evoke it, create it?  It is being becoming.  It is what happens when we sit together and open to and express the love we are, the love we want, the Love that is at the heart of Life. Yes.  Let’s open to this!

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