Monthly Archives: September 2015

Opening Day reflection

We have crossed the threshold into a new year of RE, of Spirit Play. Were you ready? I know that getting and being in a state of readiness is something we had to return to again and again in our class yesterday. In Spirit Play we ask the children and ourselves to get ready for class by getting quiet in our bodies, minds and hearts. We help ourselves get ready by sitting quietly (criss cross applesauce) with our hands to ourselves. When our attention strays, we ask each other and ourselves kindly and gently to get ready again. We bring ourselves back to the moment we are in, to our work of sacred attentiveness, to our hearts and to each other. Were we ready to lead story with reverence an enthusiasm? Were we ready to greet our children and parents in a spirit of welcome and anticipation? Were we ready to be loving witnesses and hold our class in our loving presence? Were we ready to enter deeply into relationship and love? How did you cross the threshold yesterday?

Welcome, welcome to the year. Come, let us practice getting ready. Come let us wonder together. Let us do church and be love with one another.